How To Deal With Mistakes 間違いの処理

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Nov 11, 2019 20:39
I'm working at the airport.

Yesterday, one of my co-workers accidentally took a wrong person to a limo to a hotel.

When she sent him off, staff from the hotel called that the right person (Mr. X) was waiting for her in the arrival lobby, and she realized her mistake.

My co-worker panicked and called our boss to ask for advice.

Our boss told her to take Mr. X to a taxi.

She gave a voucher to the taxi driver so that Mr. X didn't need to pay the fare.

The bill will be sent to our company through the taxi company.

Mr. X looked irritated, but he never yelled at her because he was a the five-star hotel's regular customer.
Mr Xはイライラして見えたが、決して彼女を怒らなかった。彼は、その5つ星ホテルの常連だから。

My co-worker was reprimanded by our boss, but I was impressed that she explained Mr. X what had happended and apologized him sincerly in her excellent English.

I think ther honesty would be accepted.
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