The Shortage of Butter in Japan 日本はバター不足

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Nov 21, 2014 17:46
We are experiencing the shortage of butter as the number of dairy farm is decreasing.

The price of butter is rising, which has become two to three times as much as before.

Though the government says that they will be importing it from other countries, I think it couldn't solve the problem as the yen keeps weakening, therefore the price of imported butter might be high.

A TV program showed how to make butter from fresh cream : put fresh cream into a plastic bottle, shake it for ten minutes until the fresh cream separates from solid stuff and liquid one and cut the bottle by scissors to take out solid stuff, which is butter.

It looks elaborated, but seems good for our heath because there is no additives.

If you cook cakes at home, butter is necessary, but regarding ordinary cooking, I think you can get by without butter.