Low Wage Work     賃金の安い仕事

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Jul 26, 2016 22:28
A week ago, I posted a journal that I had been told off at work.

As I expected, a recruitment agent staff called me to blame what I did.

I knew one of the nasty part timers tipped off.

She began, "How was the work other day? Do you think you did a good job??"

She continuted, "By the way, a report form our important client states that you didn't understand the hierarchy at work, which caused a trouble. I'm not saying I won't offer you jobs in the future, but I just want to know if you are willing to do our jobs."

I had a bad impression of her when I met her for the first time, so I could tell she won't offer me jobs any more, and she just expected an apology from me.

How much she had enough time to call me about such a rubbish.

I was furious, but making excuses would make me more devaluate, so I politely apologized, and said if I had a chance, I'd like to try the job again.

I also added, "I've learned a lot from my experience. Sorry for causing troubles, and thank you for lettimg me know."

Although the job is a low wage, I have to be aware of my demeanor.

I didn't reflect on what I did, though.

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