We Help You Quit Jobs 退職を手伝います

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Aug 30, 2018 17:31
A news article introduced a Japanese company called "Exit".

The Exit helps people, who want to leave their companies, quit smoothly through giving advice and talking with their bosses instead of them.
Exitは, 会社を辞めたい人をスムースにやめる手伝いをする。アドバイスを与えたり、彼らの代わりに上司と話したりして。

Under the Japanese labour laws, the regular workers are required two weeks notice, but in reality, more than a month notice is considered as a common sense.

However, the Exit can make the notice shorter using employees' paid vacation.

They say that the number of clients is increasing because young people don't hesitate to change jobs.

The fee is 50000 yen for regular workers, while 40000 yen for part timers, and repeaters can be given discout, 10000 yen.