Dozed off in a Train 電車でうたた寝

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Nov 9, 2015 21:31
One of my Enlish weaknesses is pronoumciation.

I was confident in that area, but some native English speakers in Holland pointed out that my pronounciation is very distinctive, and way of my speaking is monotone, no intonations; typical Japanese English.

I've been conscious about it since then.

Since I was too tired to stay up on a subway in Japan, I dozed off, and dreamt that I was speaking English when my friend said, "There you go again! Your 'R' sounds like 'L' ." I tried to laugh it off, said, "Haha, sorry." I laughed in the dream.

I woke up right after I smiled.

There were lots of people in the carriage, so it was really embarassing.

Thank goodness that I wasn't drooling.