I Was Called おねえちゃん by My Boss  上司からおねえちゃんと呼ばれた

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Mar 29, 2019 08:38
Yesterday, my boss at work called me "おねえちゃん”.

"おねえちゃん” means an old sister, but if you call women who are not your siblings, it is a very rude expression against women.

For example, when you ask for a glass of water from a waitress, and say "Hey, おねえちゃん、お水!”, it sounds like you look down on her.

It was tolerant in the past in Japan, but recently people have been more aware of their behaviors and words.

If you treat female workers inapproprietely, you may be sued for harasement.

In order to avoid it, many companies organize a seminor to teach people in a management position what terms are considered problematic.

The company that I'm working part time is a small company, so my boss may not have the knowledge.

My coworker said,"No worries. I was told 'オバサン', old lady."

I won't just let it go.

I feel angry, sad and miserable because I have to work under the boss who has a lack of moral.