Shopping at Charles de gaulle airport シャルルドゴール空港で買い物

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Nov 15, 2014 16:25
In order to save money, I got on a transit flight when I came to Japan from Amsterdam.

All in all, it took 17 hours for me to reach Japan.

There was an hour for buying some souvenirs at Charles de gaulle airport which they boast of huge duty free stores.シャルルドゴール空港で、一時間土産を買う時間があった。この空港は巨大な免税店がある

I was excited, but overwhelmed by the familier brand's logo.
わくわくしたが, おなじみのブランドのマークに圧倒された。

I bought a famous macaroon for my friend.

However, I found out that these can only keep 3 days in a refrigerator after buying them.

In usual, since I only buy a bottle of water at duty free store, I was so confused that I picked the wrong item.

I will be meeting with my friend in ten days.

I finally put macaroon in my parents' home refrigerator, but there is a rice bran paste with ickled vegetables which has distinctive flavour.

I'm very worried that the delicate French sweets may absorb the smell.