Good Companies, Bad Companies and Grey Companies  よい会社、悪い会社、どちらでもない会社

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Sep 10, 2019 18:08
Yesterday's travel disruption caused lots of troubles.

It took me three times as long to reach my work place.

I tried to send my company a short mail many times to keep them updated on the way, such as where I was and what time I would be there.

That is because on one hand, I thought they may be worried about me, on the other hand, I expected them to say that I didn't need to come.

However, they just replied, "Be careful."

I was really disappointed to know that they didn't take care of their employees.

According to a TV report, companies are categolized three depending on how to deal with employees in such an unusual situation.

Since the typhoon was expected, most train companies notified that they would implement train suspention previous evening.

To response to that, good companies sent emails to all employees saying they were allowed to take a day off because of safely.

Bad companies say that their employees must come to work place even though they put themselves in danger.

Gray companies say that they don't reply employees emails or whether they come to offices or not are employees' discrestion.