I Was Isolated   私は浮いていた

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Mar 18, 2016 02:45
In Japan a book which encourages readers to cut off your emotional attachment to their belonging, dispose them as many as they can, and live simply was best-selling several years ago.

The thoughts seem to be influenced by Buddhism.

After I finished packing items for moving back to Japan, I was overwhelmed how I had lived with lots of things.

Most of my belongs don't have sentimental value, but I realized that I still need to reduce belongings.

In general, Japanese expats In Holland who move back to Japan have three large luggage, and a few carry-on baggage as they bought designer's bags and shoes with tax-free.

We can claim them to customs before checking in, but sometimes the officers ask us to show items we bought.

I have one luggage with everyday items, and a small carry-on luggage.

One of Japanese wives told me that I was so wired.

That's why I was isolated by other Japanese wives.