Ladies From Afganistan アフガニスタンから来た女性たち

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Oct 15, 2019 16:14
JICA is an acronym of Japan International Cooperation Agency.
ジャイカはJapan International Cooperation Agencyの頭文字だ。

It is a governmental agency that sends Japanese specialists to developing countires to teach skills and knowledge, and invites people from these countries to provide education.

I greeted members of JICA at the domestic airpot and let them take a bus to Narita Airport.

They were female police officers from Afganistan who took courses about women's safety at the JICA branch in Hokkaido, the northern island in Japan.

I didn't know what Afgans look like before meeting them.

I was a bit nervous because I had known little about the country apart from their unstable political situation.

When I meet them in person, these young ladies were cheerful and started using smartphones immediately.

I saw mixed races from their appearance; some wearing hijab, some wearing blight coloredT-shirt, some looking like Asians, some looking like Caucasian.

I realized why the country is called a multi-racital country.

It must be difficult to unite these different races.