Yoga Lesson            ヨガ教室

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Oct 20, 2015 01:11
I've been taking yoga lessons for a year and a half, but for the first year I wasn't an enthusiastic yogi.

I have attended lessons regularly since April, so I realized my body has become functional ; I don't get tired easily, my limbs get stronger, my muscle aren't sore after strong exercise.

However, the more students come, the less space becomes. Besides, the students(mostly are middle aged ladies) are very chatty. Their jokes during the lessons bother me, as I don't get it, and can't focus on the yoga pose.

I attended a yoga class where a instructor and students are Japanese. Nobody spoke or laughed during a lesson, which shows contrast to a class where I'm taking now.

If I am asked which class is comfortable, I would say the both have pros and cons.
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