Age Is Nothing But a Number     年齢はただの数字         

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Jul 14, 2015 05:05
The above title is what Earnestine Shepherd said, who is the oldest competitive bodybuilder in the world, age 79.

When she was young, she wasn't athletic, but when she was 56, she and her sister invited for a picnic, and were allowed to put on swimsuits, they noticed that their bodies didn't look nice.

That incident motivated them to start exercise,but when her sister died of a brain illnesses, she had anxiety attacks, and stopped exercise.

However, one day she dreamed about her sister saying that she reminded her to achieve their goal

After that she made an effort, and finally she decided to be a bodybuilder, age 71.

In order to keep her record, she runs sixteen kilometers everyday.

On the other hand, I'm drained from one hour and a half yoga exercise.