Dictionary And Candle 辞書とろうそく

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Oct 3, 2013 16:35
Once I started studying to take an exam, studying English has become uninteresting.

Doing the exercises reminds me of when I was a high school student : memorizing vocabulary, reviewing the grammar and scanning in a long sentences.

My mind seems to forget outputting task such as expressing myself in English by speaking and writing because I wasn't able to come out the word 'put off the shoes' in the last time English class and it took a long time to post my entry.


I've realized that my eyes are strained a lot. Looking the textbook and the computer alternately make me feel exhausted.

Then I've come up an idea which is using the dictionary instead of the Internet one.

It works for me because I'm not bothered by the advertisement on the web or tempting to check my e-mail box.

In order to change the mood, I study on the dining the dining table and light the candle.

The light makes me soothing.

I'm going to carry on the way of studying for a while.