The Film Related to Klimt クリムトに関する映画

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Nov 8, 2015 11:07
I'm tackling an eight hour-jet lag now.

I will not be speaking English for the next two weeks, which would make my mind lazy, so I try to post my dairy as much as possible.

I watched movies on the plane, one of which was "Woman in Gold".
飛行機でいくつか映画を見たが、そのひとつは「Woman in Godl」というものだった

The film was released this past summer in Amsterdam, but I missed to watch it.

The story describes how one eldery woman could retreive her ralative's famouse painting which was drawn by Klimt.

The woman and relatives were wealty Jewilsh in Viena, but their fortune was taken by Nazi.

The woman and husband escaped from Nazi and fled to the US. After their business success, the woman filed a lawsuit that Austrian government should return the painting to her.

Helen Mirren stars the film, her performance is fantastic; she copied Astriana English.

I think she can play any roles perfectly.