Free Meals in the UK          イギリスのフリーミール制度

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Jul 13, 2016 14:41
I read an article that the UK will cut down on budget for free meals in schools in England and Wales.

The people who involved in the free meals are angry with the government, because they have made an effort to manage to raise money for the project.

I sympathize with them.

The meals offer children who are in poverty.

The children must be interested in food in eating home made well-balanced meals.

This experience will encourage them to learn more about food; how to grow vegetables, or how to cook them.

Moreover, they would think what kind of diet makes them healty, and learning about nutrients would be a good chance to lo review their life style.

I hope that food waste, such as rejected vegetables from the local super markets will be donated by people with good heart, and the schools will go through the difficulties.