Trip To London Episode 1  ロンドン旅行 その1

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Apr 10, 2012 22:16
I will write about my trip little by little.

Overall, I am quite satisfied my trip because I could do anything which I had planned.

We boarded on Easyjet, LCC (low cost carrier) at the first time.

There are many regulations, for example, they charge us if we have a check in baggage for 20EUR per one piece, if you forget to take a printed boarding pass, they charge us.

Seats are not designated, we have to line up.

Due to save the cost, the airplane can't stay at the airport for a long time, so the passengers have to move quickly when arriving and departing.

Luton Airport in England where LCC use mainly is very conservative.

I did't mind at all the entire flight, since it was only a 45-minute trip.

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