The Japanese First Lady in Japan 日本の総理大臣婦人

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Mar 9, 2017 12:06
She has made a headline there days, because she was listed as an honorary principle in a private school which was supposed to be opened this spring.

The educational policy in this school is unusual; making children be nationalists.

Not only that, the school bought the land for building up the school at an extremely cheap price.

The land was a national property, so some people think that the first lady would have helped the school buy it in the transaction.

The prime minister Abe says that his wife got involved in the school as a private person, no a public one, and she has nothing to do with the transaction.

I have an impression that the previous Japanese first ladies had low profile, they served as supporter of the prime ministers.

If a first lady engages in activities related to a right wing, it gives an idea that she advocates being nationalist.

The ladies should pay much attention, and take responsibility before doing somehitng, since many people are trying to take advantage of first ladies' fame to promote their business.

I think Ms Abe lacks a sense of being first lady.

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