A Famouse Ramen Shop 有名なラーメン屋

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Jul 2, 2016 10:14
I registered a fourth recruitment agency, because other agencies haven't offered me a job.

Afer the registration, I ventured to go a famous Chinese noodle shop which is acclaimed by many celebrities, and covered by the media.

Since I have to live frugally, it is a taboo to pay more than 1000 yen for lunch, but I haven't had eating-out lately, I thought a small luxuious wouldn't be hurt.

The restaurant was crowded, and I was guided to sit at the counter, which had a small space.

The waitresses with hot bowls of needle scurried back and forth behid me, which made me uncomfortable.

The noodle with dumpling was served, but the soup tasted like MSG, noodle was soggy, and mystery meat was inside the dumpling.

I didn't finish it.

When I paid the bill, the casher said,"1000 yen, pleas." I was embarrassed because I thought it was 900 on the menu.

He said triumphantly, "The dumpling soup is 900, but what you ate was the noodle with dumpling, 1000 yen."

It was a waste of time to argue with him about the confusing menu.

The noodle was linger on my stomach, and I had heartburn.

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