Selling My Apartment マンションを売る

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Jul 31, 2016 11:34
My husband and I are finally going to sell our apartment to a company which buys houses at a bargain price, and sell them high to an end-user.

Renovated apartments are sold well right now in Japan, because new apartments' are expensive; labour costs, building material's costs, and land prices are going up.

Our apartment's price is 10% lower than the price that we were supposed to sell to an end-user, but the broker said the price from a flipping real estate isn't as bad as the average price.

Unlike the transaction with end users, it takes one month to two months the money to be transfered to our account, because small companies have their own ways to raise money.

I feel worried, but they are going to pay us downpayment, so if they cancell the contract, we don't need to pay back.

I have mixed feelings, since I have a sentimental value to my apartment.

Lots of memories occurs to me one after another.

When we bought the aparment 15 years ago, we were excited about living in a center of Tokyo.

Our life was fulfilling taking advantage of the accessibility, and we thought the same lifesyle would last after coming back from Holland.

It seems that one era ended, whick makes me feel old.

Selling a house is a big deal to us, which affects us in different ways.