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I am Japanese homemaker living in Holland for a year and a half.
At the beginning I had troubles fitting in as everything was new to me.
But I've got use to living here thanks to other Lang-8 learner's support and encouragement.
My daily life is full of ups and down and lots of mishaps.
I'd like to express my honest feeling through a middle-aged woman's view point.
Please feel free to post your comment.

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An Interesting Story About Japanese Businessmen 日本のサラリーマンの興味深い話

One American woman who lived in Japan told me an interesting story. 日本に住んだことのあるアメリカ人女性からおもしろい話を聞いた。 Her husband had difficulty in fit...
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  • English 
Oct 22, 2014 18:55
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Same Ethnic Background Makes Me Awkward 同じ人種がやりにくい

There is one Japanese woman apart from me in the international social group. 国際社交グループには私のほかに一人日本人女性がいる。 Her English is excellent. 彼女...
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Oct 15, 2014 23:03
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I'm hopeless with computers コンピューター音痴

This weekend was a nightmare. My computer was getting slow since six months ago and I decided to bring it to a repair shop in Amsterda...
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  • English 
Oct 13, 2014 05:21
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The relationship with expressions and emotions    表情と感情の関係

A news article says that the expressions we make on our face affect the emotions we feel. あるニュース記事に表情は感情に影響すると書かれていた When I saw it, I...
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  • English 
Oct 4, 2014 19:05
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Do Small Refrigerators Have a Positive Effect? 小さい冷蔵庫はよい点があるか?

The walking group, which I join once a week ,have a cup of tea after walking. 週に一回参加しているウォーキンググループは歩いた後にお茶をする。 A lady grumbled that ...
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  • English 
Sep 28, 2014 22:02
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Testimonials from My Friends

Hi there, Thank you for adding me to your list of friend. Allow me to introduce myself. I am an English teacher in a high school in Taipei. Three years ago, I started attending a second-foreign language (Japanese) class with my students every Tuesday night after school. Soon they dropped off one by one but not me, because I was a teacher and as a teacher, how could I drop off and set a bad example. So here I am, still hanging there struggling... Hope I'll be able to write better day by day and in the meantime enjoy reading entries from you about your life in the Netherlands and later in Japan. Cheers. Michael