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I am Japanese homemaker living in Holland for a year and a half.
At the beginning I had troubles fitting in as everything was new to me.
But I've got use to living here thanks to other Lang-8 learner's support and encouragement.
My daily life is full of ups and down and lots of mishaps.
I'd like to express my honest feeling through a middle-aged woman's view point.
Please feel free to post your comment.

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Facing reality               現実を直視する

When I went back to Japan, I faced with the fact that how my parents got old. 日本に帰国した時、両親がなんて歳をとったのだろうと現実に直面した。 My father hasn't ...
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Jul 28, 2014 17:47
roppi Premium

Things I've noticed around me  私の周りで気づいたこと        

I've been staying in Japan for 15 days, and going back to Amsterdam on Sunday. 日本に15日間いる。日曜日にアムステルダムへ帰る。 I'm going to write a...
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Jul 22, 2014 22:02
roppi Premium

A tragedy in the Netherlands オランダの悲劇

Ukraine crash shook the world. ウクライナの墜落は世界を震撼させた I'm very distressed to hear the information that number of the Dutch passengers ...
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Jul 19, 2014 22:00
roppi Premium

One of my friends wrote to me saying her sister and her daugher, who live in ...

One of my friends wrote to me saying her sister and her daugher, who live in Egypt, came back to Japan for holiday. 友人の一人がエジプトに住む彼女の姉とその...
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Jul 14, 2014 23:00
roppi Premium

Catching up with my friends     旧交を温める

I caught up with friends who used to live in the Netherlands. オランダに住んでいた友人と会った。 They have been back to the normal Japanese lives and...
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Jul 12, 2014 17:02
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Testimonials from My Friends

Hi there, Thank you for adding me to your list of friend. Allow me to introduce myself. I am an English teacher in a high school in Taipei. Three years ago, I started attending a second-foreign language (Japanese) class with my students every Tuesday night after school. Soon they dropped off one by one but not me, because I was a teacher and as a teacher, how could I drop off and set a bad example. So here I am, still hanging there struggling... Hope I'll be able to write better day by day and in the meantime enjoy reading entries from you about your life in the Netherlands and later in Japan. Cheers. Michael