Difficultis in learning Chemisty

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Apr 21, 2012 21:53
I always have some difficulties in learing Chemistry, but this is not very obvious when i was in the junior high school. Since I entered the senior high school, the more knowledge I get, I find it much more difficult to understand all the material. Do anybody have any similiar situations or can anyone give me some suggestion?
I feel more nervous these days, cause the mid term exam is approaching in the very next week, but i still have some problems to solve.
Here i want to state some of the problem which stop me from achieve higher level.
first, I can't remember all the Chemical equations. Though I have remembered all, i might forget it in a short time or i don't excactly know how to use it.
second and the biggest one, i can't figure out the question about the calculation, the relationship between two materials in the same equation or maybe two or three equations. And i cannot fully understand though i have done a lot of exercise about this.
These are the main problems, we now are discussing Lexia Teller Principle(勒夏特列原理), Lonization of water(水的电离),Weak electrolyte ionization(弱电解质的电离).Things are turning more hard to understand. Please help me!
The professional words or expression are translated by Googletranslation and some are according to my Chemitry book.So i don't know if it's right or proper to use here. I hope i didn't make confusions or made you hard to understand.
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