I can't wait!!!

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Apr 5, 2012 21:39
I can't wait to tell the good news to everyone of you. Our class will have a outdoors activities in the nearby suburb. It seems like it is a very usual class activity, but for us student in China, it is unique. Since I have studied in the senior high school, our school seldom had outdoor activities. We have only once a year, it's countable. Compared with my school life in Junior high school, we have this kind of activities twice a semester. Our life was really easy and interesting at that time.
This time we are planning to go to a park, a wetland park. I have been to a lot of parks like the Beihai Park, the Palace Museum, the Summer Palace and a lot of other famous parks in Beijing, but I never been to a wetland park. So this is why I expect this so much!
We will make our trip there this Saturday, I will share the experience with you soon!
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