My Interpretation of the PV of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's PONPONPON

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May 31, 2012 00:44
ぽんぽん - pon pon means "a belly" in Japanese baby words. The phrase "PONPON 出して しまえばいいの" - "pon pon dashite shimaeba iino" can be interpretted as two ways: the first meaning is "you expose your belly and you hide it then it's ok", the secound meaning is "you should expose your belly". I think the latter would be true, because it's positive. The Japanese has many onomatopoeia, pon pon is one of them. It also means the sound of tsuzumi(Japanese hand drams) , the sound of something is popping or the sound of to uncork wine bottles. There are other onomatopoeia in this song like "zen zen","don don", "poi poi" "so so" and "way way". But they have no means, they are only for rhythm like rap musics.

The image of this PV is filled with funny and weird things. I think they also have no means. Kyary said that she loves things which are not only kawaii but also weird or a little bit creepy. When she was a high school girl, she went to Harajuku around four days in a week. One of her favorite fashion stores was 6% Doki Doki where was produced by an artist Sebastian Masuda and he was the artist of the stage setting of her PVs. She said that she bought 60% of her wardrobe were bought at Candy Stripper where was filled with weird accessories like a necklace of an eyeball or gloves of a skeleton.