About The Titanic

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Apr 14, 2012 23:25
Nowadays,the 3D vision of Titanic released to anniversary the Titanic which were sunked one hundred years ago.More and more comments were published about it.
Yesterday I saw 2D vision of Titanic which were published 15 years ago.To tell the truth,it's very attractive.And I found I can not use a word to describe it.Whatever it's scene or plots make people to feel it's great.
Firstly,the love of Jack and Rose make me know how pure the love is.Rose came back to survive Jack and be long with he in the last minute.
The last time when the Titanic sunked Rose promised Jack she will living on healthy,have many babies and look them grow up and die when she is old.Finally she did it,she saw the drawing when she is almost one hundred years old.
Secondly,when Titanic sunked many people wouldn't like to survive oneself,especially many women and children.The love in relatives were difficult to give up.
The captain commonded let the women and children go first,and he stay with Titanic at the last time,so did the crew.Their spirits worthy of our respect.
If the people who built Titanic made more lifeboats,it may decrease many deaths.It all because his vanity.