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Jul 13, 2012 01:59
Q1) What is happiness?
A1) I think happiness is sense of accomplishment. The goal is not larger objective. Example study hard to get good grades, do exercise to lose weight. or to gain his mind.
In my case, I feel happy several times a day. I did not study hard, but I never missed a day of school. And I did not lose weight, but I did not gain weight.
So In my opinion happiness is achievement, and achievement occurs for a variety of reasons.

Q2) What makes Korean so unhappy?
A2) I think our society too push me. We want to many things. But our society impose me to only one. That is success. A successful person is one who makes much money. But Why success is to make much money? And Why money is a massive preoccupation?
I think that atmosphere make people unhappy. That atmosphere take away peoples freedom and focus to only one thing.

Q3) Related to the question1, is there anything should be changed to make Korean happier?
A3) I wish our society don’t push me. I don’t hate studying. It make me more intelligent. Just I hate only studying.