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Mar 27, 2012 21:52
My name is Soo. Don’t you think my name radiates self-confidence and optimism? I am a confidence and positive person. When I was high school student, I was a member of dance club. My position was center, although I was lousy at dancing, I had confidence. And I did not hurt when somebody tell me about my lack of dancing skill. Rather I thought they were concern about me. Now, I think my mistake and lack of skills make me more successful women.
But my father always complain about my personality. He is quiet and serious if he show himself to other people. Also, he is timid when someone talk to him. He is always worried about other people thinking. And he want to be a perfect man. For example, he used to spend searching the road at least 3hours. He hate person who does a slapdash job.
Last year, we fighted before we go on summer vacation. Because he thought many places where he had wanted to go, contrary, I thought only one place. I was fighten by him around trip. Because I wanted to do it much more while he wanted to adhere to planning schedules. However, my mother told me that our trip was more comfortable because of timid and more funny because of optimism. At that moment, I thought we advanced due to difference.