Can the use of animals for medical research be justified?

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Aug 14, 2014 01:20
Can the use of animals for medical research be justified?

I understand that some people agree with this topic by saying that it can not avoid using animals for tests. But I am strongly against the use of animals because I learned reading a book about how researchers treat animals for their experiments.

Actually, animals are done horrible things more than you imagine although they do not harm humans or anything. Let me give you one example. In regard to a case of the stressful test, one dog was hit his leg many times with a hummer to monitor how the dog would react under the stressful situation. I saw the picture of the poor dog. How could I be justified for the poor dog to be done in such a terrible thing? No, impossible. Companies should look for an alternative experiments without the use of animals. And I believe they can find solutions.
More and more cosmetic companies appeal 'We are against the animal testing' these days. They can make products without animal testing, they use natural resources like herbs to make cosmetic products so that they avoid animal tests. I think this is a right direction.