Do you know what you want?

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Apr 9, 2012 22:03
There is a writer I like.I know her because I like her novels but she says that she wants to be a cartoonist.She said "I think if I like doing something very much,it means that I must have a gift with it."
It is a pity that she does not good at drawing.Even though,her boss still gives her comics some space to pulish.I also like her comic due to its story very funny and attractive thought she draws poor.

So,is she right?She likes,she is good at it?(I don't know how to write the sentence.)

I like something such as animation.Sometimes I want to be engaged in animation.However,based of my character,I think I am not fit for this.Thus,I think my like to animation is due to the lack of my character.I hope I was clinging and a geek.In fact, I am not.

PS:I find my sentence is easy,my sentence pattern is simplex.Do you have some advice to improve me?