A Good Day

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Apr 8, 2012 00:58
Today,my classmates and I barbecued next to Reservoir.Fortunately,the weather was great.Although,It took our 3 hours on the road,but I noticed everybody is enthusiasm about this barbecue. The destination where we should go is a long distance .I thought maybe there had a few person to barbecue today. but when we arrived, we saw that many people already had barbecued.some people brought the meets and vegetables by themselves,some people like us barbecued by the BBQ Operators,because the distance is too long, we did not have resource to BBQ by ourselves.BBQ is fun for ourselves.we could playing while we eat and in general, we did not have a right time to go to play together.roast took a long time too.but when we eaten the meets that roasted by ourselves,everybody was so happy. I think it not only a good experience for us, but a way to enhance our friendship.
Do you like play with your friends?I think everyone must say yes~~!XD