Do you like cartoon?

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Apr 5, 2012 22:43
I was thinking about what I want to write until I saw a cartoon.I don't know whether you have read cartoon,but now I want to introduce a cartoon that I like.What is the important factor for you when you read a cartoon? A style of the cartoonist or the story?The name of this cartoon called skip beat.This is the only girl comic that I am read.The story is about a girl who hard struggle in the entertainment. Actually, I didn't like the style of this cartoon,especially the face.but when I saw the cartoon carefully,I change my I like it very much.I like the eyes of all characters.I think those different form other comic.I always focus on the eyes whose can exactly express the minds of the characters.maybe the few words can not express what I want to say.but if you have little interest in cartoon.I think you will not be disappointed.
I will write the Chinese again. if I couldn't express the exact meaning.Please tell me~ I am glad that you can correct my mistakes~~~
thank you very much~:)
我一直在考虑写些什么,直到我看到一本漫画。我不知道你以前是否看漫画,但是现在我想要给你介绍一本我喜欢的漫画。当你在看漫画的时候你觉得什么是最重要的?一个漫画家的画风或者是这本漫画的故事?我想要介绍的漫画名字叫《skip beat》。这是唯一一本我还在看的少女漫。这是关于一个在娱乐圈努力奋斗的女孩的故事。事实上,开始我并不喜欢这个动画的画风,特别是在脸型上。但当我认真的看这部漫画的时候,我改变了我的想法。现在我非常喜欢这部漫画,我喜欢所有角色的眼睛,我认为这和别的漫画都不太一样,我总是能聚焦在这些准确表达角色思想的眼睛上。或许这简单的几句话并不能表达我想说的。但如果你对漫画有一点兴趣,我觉得你一定不会失望。