How to improve my English composition writing ~~~

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Mar 21, 2009 21:10 english writing composition
Now, I'm preparing for my one year study in America as a international student. I try my best to sharpen all my ability to make progress on my English learning. However, I ecountered a difficulty on my English writing. My teachers said my compostions have weak organization. They said my ideas and thoughts of my compositions are very confused and messy. To be honest, it really was a big impact to me. I have never known there was so many problems about my writing skill. What's more, my writing grade of TOEFL also showed my writing ability is weak. I can't use concrete and clear words to support my ideas and words usage isn't idiomatic. Due to above these reasons, I decieded to try to improve my English writing by writing diaries every day. Also, I would try to write two or three compostions and ask my teachers revise them every week. I'm starting to practice this plan. I hope it could be useful and helpful for me to improve my English writing skill.