Beginning to Read <the Lord of the Ring>

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Jun 21, 2012 15:51
In order to improve my English reading skill, I have decided to read some books in English.

I chose <the Lord of the Ring>, because I have watched the movies in the same name. I thought it would be easier to read a book with the story I had already known. And an exciting story would make me keep on reading it.

However, my thought was wrong. The book is very difficult for me to read.

Firstly, I come across lots of new words. Most of them are not very long, but they are strangers to me. For example, "brim" means "edge", "lade" means "load", and "outlandish" means "exotic and strange". I have to look them up in the dictionary, one by one.

Secondly, there are numerous specific names of places, races, and figures. They are invented by the writer, and don't exist in the real world. For instance, there are places like "Bag End", races like "Hobbits", and figures like "the Old Took".

What's more, the writer uses a lot of rhetoric figures and complex sentence structures. For native speakers, it is enjoyable to read them. However, it is a little painful for me, because it takes me a long time to understand even a single sentence.

Now I wonder whether I should keep reading it, or change the book to an easier one...