Carp-shaped Streamer

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Apr 25, 2012 20:47
The other day, I went to my younger son's kindergarten for a round-table meeting for parents.\(^_^ )
They produce such a meeting twice a trimester at the first part and the last of it. So we have six round-meetings a year. The subject of it is virtually always same, though the content details are different. Parents can get some information of the trimester events and some notes as a company of the kindergarten.

In addition, this time we could appreciate an event named " 鯉幟(carp-shaped streamer)の会".(o^^o) This is one of the annual events the kindergarten holds after "子供の日", Children's Day in English.(*^-^*)( ´艸`) It is the day to celebrate children's growth, and a carp-shaped streamer is for boys.(^_^)ゞ
However, the Children's Day was for boys' in the ancient Japan, so there retain the custom to hoist carp-shaped streamer up high in the sky around the day.(^O^)v
At the kindergarten, annually each member of classes make own class carp-shaped steamers and throw a party to exhibit them.☆☆We could appreciate it before the round-meeting begin.(^^*)