The Surprising Efficacy

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Apr 23, 2012 08:45
I have been astounded by the optimum efficacy of iron preparations a doctor prescribed me. o(^-^)o
I would often be told that I was an iron deficiency whenever I took blood examinations.
Not that mean I go to clinic regularly, but mainly I was said to take a blood examination to see the degree of inflammation and a numerical value of white cells when I consulted doctors because I felt caught a cold. Then, what I was said every time of the tests was an iron deficiency. However, the problem for the moment at those times were usually remediation on the colds I suffered that should be treated immediately. Then, somehow those doctors would forget about the iron deficiency issue, neither would I.

However, this time that I had been hospitalized was a little different from usual. Since I was acutely depressed at the third times suffered pneumonia, I obsessed over future constitution. (T-T)(T-T)
Although the doctor in charge of me had totally forgotten about it again, I asked him before I was discharged whether it would be better to take an iron preparation everyday just as I had done all the way in the hospital. Then he said," Gee! I almost forgot it to tell you! Of course you might as well keep taking it after you go back your home.". So I have been taking it after having dinner everyday.(*^-^*) Then...!: oh, I have no words to describe how my health condition has been altered into superlative status!(^x^)