Making Sentences through by Using Specified Words

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Apr 21, 2012 19:30
simulate 模倣する

A sequel of murder incidents are said it is the simulated ones of the ancient serial killing, and if so, the culprit not be specified yet must commit another murder next Friday since every that ancient case were also committed every Friday.

Ressurrect (習慣など)を復活させる、再び用いる。(記憶など)をよみがえらせる。生き返らせる。

I really don't want to ressurrect my ancient habit of smoking, but I somehow can't resisr feeling temptation toward that recently.

I'm attempting to ressurrect the name of the women standing at over there talking to with Mrs.Shimoda, but never ressurrect it yet.

He might got out of his mind to try to ressurrect his deceased wife and children in the car accident that he brought up.

Delve ~を徹底的に調べる、調査する。

I have to delve into every mischief caused by smoking until the day after tomorrow, because it is the assignment that has allotted us.

Initiate に着手する

I'm going to initiate something new in my life from now on, since I had a narrow escape from the other day's car accident and feel got a new splendid life by the experience.

Appall を驚かす、をぞっとさせる。

I was appalled at the news of his sudden death, since I met him just a few days ago.

Perform 司る。執り行う。

The clergyman began to perform the ritual with a imposing bearing.

Rectify を修正する

I may need to rectify my principle toward the educational way of my children into more splendid one just as the professor enlightened us in his lecture.

Quiver 震える

I can't resist quivering when I once begin to think of my austere future, since I know that nothing will be rectified in my life even if how I struggle to alter, and it can't be better just as I am hankering now.