Yakisiba 焼きそば

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Apr 17, 2012 13:15
Today's dinner might be 焼きそば and a bowl of salad, in my mind.(^_^)v

I'm not sure whether 焼きそば is familiar to other countries as common meals, but it is here.(。・・)***
焼きそばが他の国でも、普通に食卓に並ぶメニューかどうかはしらないのですが、ここでは、そうです<(_ _)>

The ingredients for 焼きそば aren't firmly specified.

I always decide what ones to put in frying with 焼きそば noodles after looking into the refrigerator.

Mainly, I embrace( pick up) cabbages, carrots, bell peppers, a few kinds of mushrooms, onions, beef, shrimps, cuttlefishes and scallop, although it is contingent on the ingredients in the refrigerator.

Then, what you have to do are cut all ingredients into the proper size of each and just fry up them in order on the frying pan and sauce(season) them with sauce.(^^)(~o~)
後は、材料を各々、適したサイズに切って、順番に炒めて、ソースで味付けするだけです<(_ _)>