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Apr 16, 2012 14:51
Just for practicing.(^x^)

It is translation of one Japanese novel, and all writings are not about me.***

A Will

Everyone had better have their children through test tubes.
By the selected ovum and the sperm, why don't they have only the very superior children.
If it is difficult, then all children given birth should be accommodated in somewhere like a national institution, raising them up inside there until they come to age; Same clothes, meals, education and same parents..., in the very equal surroundings.
In that complete surroundings, if someone cannot acquires something because of his or her lack of exertions and talents, fall behind, then if becomes to be mocked by others, that's the way it goes.
I have been making a great deal of exertions behind in sports and studying.
I red a ton of books, listened to musics by thousands, never forget to delve into finest fashion magazines, and never ever I have flaunted these of my exertions to others.
It is very difficult for a resident of the provinces where provides us limited things to keep up higher standards without compromising with myself. However, I have sonehow scraped by my life with making excessive daily exertions.
When I began to be persecuted by everyone, I still never fail to make those exertions.
Committing suicide can be an acknowledgement of defeat. It is a disgrace. I'll never disgrace myself. As having been persuading me so, I would not fall to servile, having enduring positively.
It was not my fault that this came to me, so I would absolutely get emancipated from this persecution; Just having been believing so...