Greetings from Airportwest in Melbourne

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Mar 26, 2012 16:29
Hi,i'm Koji.
I came from Japan,im 20 years old.
Nice to meet you.
Im a third years college student,Im studing about school of low.
It has been for three years but I still need more time to understand.
Anyway,Im now living in Australia during spring vacation and studing English with lots of students who came from other countries.It gives me a good experience and many oppotunities to communicate with someone as well.
However,I must go back to Japan in April and commute to university.
Im worried about I couldnt get a chance that I speak English.
I want to improve skills in Japan,I hope I find the way to improve speaking skill even I stay in Japan.
If it possible,let me khow how do you reck on a good way to improve English skills.Im waiting comments.
Thank you.
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