Please help with my coming speech on My Dream! Thank you !

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Mar 26, 2012 23:53
When I saw this title which is about my dream first time, I was thinking that is Miss Zhao joking? What a foolish title. But, now I am thinking about what is my dream. Tell you the truth, it is hard for me to answer.
When I was young, my dream is to be a PLA, bcs I watched an interview with Mr.Yan Weiwen who is a brigrade vocalist, it said that Mr.Yan as a general, he cost 5 hours to walking himself to the top of a moutain where there were only three soldiera to sing for them. I was moved, and I thought we could only find this kind of comradeship in the army. Then I made up my mind to jion the army. But after my college entrance examination, I realized that it should just be a dream, Just one antrum warm blood(空怀一腔热血,报国无门).Since then, I was just playing whole day and I was hurt. I was disopointed. Now, two years past, I am studying in Xi'an Jiaotong University, I am just living like a machine, this title makes me think a lot. I asked myself, what are you doing now?what are you living for? I think I am clear. I am living my life, I am living for hapiness.
what is happiness? It means that all of my family and friends be ok. It means that I do not need be tired with money because I do not need iphone. And it means if I want be happy, I need a good mentality. Keep cool and you'll win through.(宁静致远)That is my dream, just be happy, just be chillax. Thank you !