New nuclear guidelines in America.

I sit on a nuclear board here in America and I know you guys really like to hear about the nuclear news here and we have been quite busy as of lately. The new nuclear power plant that is going up north of my city is an exact replica of another one being built across the State. The nuclear regulators (department of Energy) want to make all new plants alike, the same size and blueprints. I think this will help greatly in making them safer and simpler.

More regulation came out about hiring people to work on nuclear federal work sites were included and some other plants may be coming online in the next 4 years.

Our president, Barack Obama has denied a plant to build a pipeline from America to Japan to transport our record low natural gas prices. I think this is very good and we need to build this pipeline to make some money from the Japanese. They would love to have our cheap natural gas.

Nuclear construction continues to be a big driver in my cities economy with 2 plants going up and other preparing the infrastructure to expand. A lot of nuclear power management is expanding when politics allows it. It is not constituted so much to actual safety conditions, but how much the public can tolerate. That one reason why we have boards. It is my job to make sure these companies are not corrupt or making decisions without the best interest of my city.

Any advice I would have for a Japanese city facing a nuclear power plant is to get as much money as possible out of them. Get as much insurance, cash and stipulations as possible.

That’s all, I will stay up on Japanese/American nuclear news.