American population density compared to Japan

America is a very wide and big country. It has a lot of different geography and population densities across the nation. In some places there are less than 3 people to a mile. In others there are densities similar to Asian cities. This greatly contributes to American culture by allowing vastly different lifestyle to exist next to each other.

In Japan I think there is absolutely no space in between cities and groups of population. I think this leads to constant interaction between the people and this makes them more homogeneous. I do understand physical barriers do not care about size and that even the smallest countries have rifts but if you took an American from the 5 points of heavy population on this map (Seattle, LA, Houston, NYC and Miami) they will be very different, almost like they are from outside of the country.

In my city of Augusta there is low population density. We have PLENTY of land here to stretch out and divide amongst the people. You can buy a square mile of land for around 150,000 dollars. You can build a house on it for less than that. I love the country and not having close neighbors, my land that I will inherit is an acre. I will sell it, but only o move into the city for business reasons. I will one day come back to the rural area.

I think that 35% of the Japanese live in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. This is because they are natural plains in a country with plenty of mountains. Also these cities are linked with rivers to the sea. Tokyo has a bay next to it. I think this is way too many people but it leads to a lot of efficiency that we lose here in America.

Also in Japan, their history is dotted with so much sea and fisherman tales. I think the Japanese being so close to water influence their love of gardens and of not trying to bend nature. While in china canals were being built to tame the rivers, the Japanese were reluctant to try and put anything out of its natural place, including water flow.

In Japan you have everything that you need every close to you or a public transportation spot. In America, my university is 40 minutes away from me and my job will be 20 minutes or more. This may not seem long, but it’s usually time spent on a fast highway. This daily commute is nothing to Americans. We love driving and have efficient highways to do so. In Japan the consumer can spend more money on non-imported items, on savings if they do not buy gasoline or pay for all the maintenance of a car. The American seems to be richer, since they are slightly more efficient by being able to drive anywhere at will, but this tradeoff is not true in all cases and the added cost of the pollution, trade deficits and of urban sprawl outweighs the benefit for society as a whole, while being beneficial to the person driving.

That’s what I think about America and Japanese population densities, what do you think?