Do you blame America for North Korea's problems?

(This is a response I sent to a lang-8 user after I wrote an article about North Korea and he said that we need to remember who split North Korea, I do not know if he was referring to America, but this is my response)
(I am assuming you mean America split Korea, if your referring to some other country then I am sorry for appearing so arrogant and ask for your deepest apologies)

I blame Korea's problems on Koreans, their country is their responsibility. If they cannot come together and run their country then another country is going to step in and do it, that's how reality works. If a country cannot compete militarily or the citizens cannot prevent outside invasion of ideas, armies or others then they will be conquered, whether by America or someone else.

America and the West would not have to break Korea up if Japan had not colonized it.

You can blame America for being successful at international politicking or blame the Koreans for being weak, both are true to some extent. I bet there are many Koreans who are glad their country was split up. South Korea is now one of the best economies in the world, I bet they are quite happy they split.

I am interested as why you think that way. The communists would have for sure invaded Japan (physically and politically) and made you guys their bitch like Eastern Europe if America was not supporting resistance movements in Korea and Vietnam. Russia would not need an excuse after WW2 and Japan had no army, it was in shambles. America came in and delivered MASSIVE aid.

We set up your political and economic systems that made your country the richest in the East for the past 50 years. I am not trying to make it seem like we did everything, but you guys owe us a LOT after sneak attacking us and the US holding out the hand of friendship and peace. America and Japan needed each other in this time period and we will need each other for the foreseeable future.

Many American died in the Korean war, including my grandfathers friends and to infer my country is the reason for Korea's shitty conditions is an insult to those dead troops and to history. Your grandfather and his fellow soldiers were the ones that occupied Korea first, we were the final ones to hold it. All we did was return it to the citizens control, you guys took it!

I would appreciate either a very good debate, an apology or a clearing up if there has been a misunderstanding. I otherwise think you have been reading some of your country's textbooks instead of reading multiple sources of history. My country has many faults, but one of those is not North Korea's problem.