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Jan 26, 2013 13:14
My favorite room in the house is my bedroom. I like it not only because is my room but also it's like a secret holy place to me. I live in the second floor in my house, we call it attic. The roof of my room is made of wood. My walls are white and I've got wooden floors. Upon entering the door, you will find a large book shelf in the right hand; it's full of my books. On the left of the book shelf, it'sa wall closet. In the left of the room, my king size bed is there. With night table on the right side and a lot of cute toy stand on it. Most of them are gift from my friends and family members. In my bed, there is some bedside reading; to the left of the bed is a long desk where I study on it. In the roof, there is a window, which is a unique window in my house. My all furniture is made of origin wood which is helpful to the environment. Most importantly, I decorate my room by myself. Apart from the furniture, there are still many green plants in my room which makes it looks more nature and good view.

I like my room very much. I like to stay there do some reading and enjoy the afternoon time with sunshine by myself. It's like a secret place to me, let me hair down. Some night, when I sleep on the bed,. I can even enjoy the star or the moon through the window. It's a wonderful thing to me.