Japanese earthquake

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Apr 26, 2012 07:19
Today, I want to talk about the Japanese earthquake. Recently, Japan has suffered a massive earthquake. Then a tsunami, nuclear power station explosion and volcanic eruption followed. In this day and age, a great number of Chinese people are asking the question of whether we should pray for Japanese people. This is a controversial issue and people's views on this problem vary from person to person. Some hold that Japanese had invaded China and killed our ancestors (nationalism). However, others believe that we are both living beings. We need to use a humanitarian outlook on everyone, wherever they are from (humanism).

At first, most Chinese have saidwe are Chinese, during the Second World War, the Japanese army killed at least 35 million Chinese people. Japanese are beasts. They didn’t have humanity. Why should we pray for the Japanese?” Yet, people say how can the Jewish people forgive the Germans? Because the German have been confessing their guilt until this day. So why can’t we? Because the right-wing party of Japan have changed the histories by invading China and said a lot of bad words about China and never admitted guilt. How can we forgive that?” Therefore, in their opinion, as a Chinese, we shouldn’t pray for Japanese.

On the other hand, we are Chinese, we are also human beings, and we all have humanity and a conscience. As human beings, we have a responsibility to help everybody who needs us. Jews can forgive Germans’ guilt because the Germans are confessing. If Chinese people can forgive the Japanese guilt without Japanese confessing, we will win the respect and honor of the world. That can prove that the Chinese are bigger people. Some Chinese people use Chinese and Japanese to writeJapanese can’t be defeated by anyone except Chinese.” We can’t take pleasure in Japanese misfortune, because they are Japanese. Even if you hate Japan, we can’t do that because we have a conscience, and we didn’t like Japanese right-wing party.

In my opinion, I agree with the second viewpoint. We can’t take a part for the whole, a few Japanese are confessing their guilt. I think I should pray for them. The history is in the past, let us remember something important that is not hatred. Respect every life, respect ourselves. Let the dead rest in peace.
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