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Mar 25, 2012 19:57 exchange student
I heard two of my high school classmates have been exchange students in Taiwan.I want to go there after hearing about their happy life in Taiwan.And I am under great pressure in my collage,I really need to change a environment to relax myself.I think that being a exchange student in Taiwan may be a nice choice.But now,I find fierce competition about being a exchange student in my collage.There is only one who can go to Taiwan next term,but four or more students to fight for it.I have no confidence,but I really want to go to Taiwan,which is a strong desire of me since I came to collage.I sent my application form to my professor to sigh it today,but I need two more signatures form the president and dean.Then I will hand this form in.I don't know weather there is a interview before the result,I will try my best!Even I don't know what I want for this thing,but I really know if I haven't done it,I would have regretted.Now,I am fighting!