Some short paragraphs prepared for oral test

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Nov 13, 2014 00:01
These paragraphs below are prepared for an oral test.
It requires me to use BRITISH ENGLISH.
I don't know whether they are fluent and understandable.
I'm trying to use the spoken expression.
If I made mistakes or you have a better way to show the same idea, please tell me.
Thank you very much!

1.Do you think your hard work will pay off?
Yes, I’m sure my hard work will pay off. During my high school time I study very hard only for a better university. And I did it. My university has a great reputation and my professors are really thoughtful and considerate. I volunteer at the school library. It enables me to fulfill my potential.

2.Is it important to be bilingual today?
Yes, I think it’s important to be bilingual today. Understanding English enables you to understand the English-speaking cultures better. English abilities give you a competitive edge and improve your chances of employment. We can travel the world with few language barriers if we speak good English.

3.What do you like or dislike about your job?
My boss treats everyone equally and the working environment is pretty friendly. I really enjoy the experience of being a volunteer teacher. Well, this job offers me a little, sometimes I felt I’m working for peanuts. I have to work over time with no paid.

4.What do you like or dislike about your hometown?
My hometown is a coastal city, we enjoy a great climate all year round. The city is steeped in time-honored traditions. High-rise buildings are sprouting p all over the city. It’s prosperous. But the traffic is always bumper-to-bumper during the rush hour. There’re an awful lot of reckless drivers out there. The car exhaust fumes are poisonous. Lots of people there suffer from respiratory diseases.

5.What’s the nightlife like in your hometown?
My hometown has a dynamic and vibrant nightlife with countless bars and clubs, young people often go partying, clubbing and bar-hopping at night. People there are pretty laid-back.

6.What types of public transport can be found in your hometown?
We have varies public transports, like bus, minibus, shuttle bus, taxi, subway, light-trail and so on. Sometimes I take the bus so I can take a nap. It’s fun to ride around on a bus because you get to see many interesting people. Because the cab fare is expensive in my hometown, when I’m in a hurry, I take the subway.

7.Do you do housework?
Yes of course. I like to start my day with a hearty breakfast so I cook practically every day. After that I would wash the dishes. Because I live alone, I have a lot housework need to be done. At weekends, I need to do the laundry, take out the rubbish, mop the floor and so on.

8.Do you have a driver’s license?
No I don’t have. The traffic is always tied up so there’s no point in getting a driver’s license anyway. I don’t have a car so I’m free of all the burdens of car ownership.

Please tell me if you think this kind of answer is unreasonable or meaningless. I have no confident with my grammar. TAT

There are also some topics I don’t know how to answer them, I have no idea at all. If you have time, would you write a small piece for me? Thanks a ton!

1.Do you think people should be paid more if they work at weekends?
2.What would you change about your city? (As I’ve said before, in my city the worst thing maybe the traffic, the the air pollution caused by the car exhaust fumes, but I don’t know how can make these like a paragraph.)
3.Do people in your country like to travel by train?( In China, the railway traffic is really developed, we like to take train no matter travel or work.)