This is my preperation for oral class

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Mar 28, 2012 15:41
On Saturday I will have a oral class, and my teacher taught us to take a side of the view "Women enjoy equal status as men do in Chinese society".
I've written a text but don't know whether there are some wrong, so I need your help~ :)
Please point my mistakes out, thanks! O(∩_∩)O

Good morning everyone, today my topic is women didn't enjoy equal status as men do in Chinese society.

The five-thousand-year Chinese history and culture have run through a concept that women are inferior to men. We can see that every emperor of Chinese dynasty is man, except empress Wu, she is the only woman who ever rule the whole country in history. The viewpoint that males are supposed to be worth more than the other sex can be powerful proved by this phenomenon.

Since Reformation and Opening, there is an obviously improve in the status which women situated. Women can get rid of housework for they have fewer time to do that after they earn a profession in society, and men also take on the responsibility to take care of their children. However, there is still a long distance between men and women in their status.

There is a real example happened on two of my friends. Lisa and Tom are both the English major graduates from Tianjin Foreign Studies University, and Lisa got a higher GPA than Tom in the 4 year school life. They applying for a same position in a primary school. While after all, the school decided to employ Tom only because he is a man.

We can't deny that the status of women in Chinese society has risen these years, while we still can't say it is a equal status between men and women. It is a fact we can't ignore that women still in a lower position in modern Chinese society.