The Smell of Durian 榴莲的味道

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Jun 25, 2012 11:59
We bought a durian last night. Every family member loves durian except my sister. She always can't stand its smell. But I don't think it is smelly, especially when I am eating it, and I love the taste very much. After eating the durian, my sister demanded us to stay away from her, because she could smell it when we were speaking. I supposed that she was a bit too much.

However, I got the retribution soon. I was at home alone this morning, and my sister left me a bag of bread as my breakfast which costed us much time to find yesterday. She also said something to me, but I was too sleepy to catch her words clearly, because I didn't sleep until 2:00 last night. When I opened the bag, I found the bread was full of the smell of durian. Then I came to realize that I put the bread and durian together yesterday. What was worse, the bread was so stinky that I had to throw it away. T_T