Classical Chinese and Reflection 文言文与反思

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May 25, 2012 09:44

Today, I read an entry written by one of my friends, flatlander, who is learning Chinese hard. He said that he was interested in classical Chinese, and wanted to learn more. I suddenly felt a little ashamed.


From the first year in my middle school to the last year that I graduated from high school, I have learnt it for total 6 years. Honestly, I wasn't very interested in it, because I thought it wasn't very practical, and learning classical Chinese was basically only for the exams.


In the past two years at university, I have almost forgotten all of the stuff about classical Chinese. Sometimes, I even think I pay too little attention to Chinese culture.


Sometimes, I think I pay too little attention to Chinese culture, especially I used to only listen to English songs, watch English TV series and films these years. I don't pay much attention to Chinese entertainment circle. Sometimes, I even need to hear about entertainment news or what new TV series is showing from my friends.


Honestly, I am still not very interested in Chinese entertsinment circle, but I think I should learn more Chinese culture. Otherwise, I feel embarrassed to teach you Chinese.


I wanted to learn more Chinese history, but I couldn't settle to study. It seemed that I always chose to escape automatically.


I should learn Chinese with you guys together. ^ ^