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Mar 26, 2012 01:06
I used to like English very much when i was in primary school.I remrember that at that time my English teacher liked me very much because I am the person who listened class carefully.When i was in junior school,my English teacher was also my head teacher,he was a good teacher in teaching English ,but he was not good at deal with all kinds of things in my class.I transferd to another school in the city when I was 15.What a coincidence,my head teacher was also a English teacher,but the difference is that the latter one is a good head teacher but not a good English teacher.I lost all of my interests to English and I just think I learn it just for the high score of the English tests.Since i have this kind of thoughts,I found I can not improve my English just as before.I began to afraid to talk with foreign people ,I'm afraid to make mistakes ....Now,I'm a university student ,but I think my English is still pool,I can only use some simple words and expressions,and the structure of my article is also very simple just like primary students.I feel sad about this fact,I used to try some ways to make me rebuild the interests to English ,but I just can not insisted on it,I hate myself,I just cannot changge my idea into English accurately.Useful expressions are never come into my article.Yestoday,I found a softwafe so that I can use facebook which is not allowed in China.I contacted with one of my UK friend.He came to China in 2010 when I was in senior 2,we talked a lot ,but after he left,we can only use facebook to contact with each other.Chiness government forbid us to use facebook a few months later after he came back,so I lost contact with him.In fact, I really missed him and tried other ways to found him ,but failed.Finally ,last night I found him through facebook and talked to him,I'm so excited.I made a decision,from now on ,I write a dairy in English,get more practise.I want to speak whatever I want in English ,I need to tell myself I really attached to this language.Good night~